July 9, 2019, Police Blotter

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Police Blotter
    Police received the following calls by 8 a.m. today:
July 8
    Police cited vehicles in the right of way on Price Street.
    Police gave a man acting strangely a ride to the library but en route the man changed his mind and asked for a ride to a restaurant.
    A man calling a group home to get something from his wife was told to stop calling or face arrest.
    A woman said she heard second hand that a tenant was threatening her life. Officers determined the threats were about the woman’s job.
    A caller asked for help in seeing whether a man had left town on a jet; otherwise the man would be reported as missing. The airline refused to give information on the man.
    The National Park Service said a man was trying to claim a piece of art that had been turned in to the park, saying he knew who it belonged to. It was decided the NPS would keep the piece and follow rules for found property.
    At 12:27 p.m. an officer asked protesters at the roundabout to move from the crosswalk, as a driver had said she nearly hit a bicyclist she couldn’t see.
    The clubhouse at Moller field was reported broken into sometime in the last two weeks. Photos were provided of the more than $750 in damage.
    A vehicle was damaged when it hit a trash can at 1801 SMC.
    At 9 p.m. a resident called about a parking issue on Lake Street, and while on the phone saw a driver hit her vehicle and drive away.
    A caller asked for an ambulance for her husband, but he refused one.
    A man said he lost a black tri-fold wallet with a University of Florida gator pin. It contained $700 in cash and ID.
July 9
    At 12:25 a.m. fireworks were reported in the 1300 block of SMC.
    At 3 a.m. a caller reported seeing an abandoned bike on the bridge, and was worried the rider may have jumped. Officers found the rider had been taking photos of the scenery and was fine.
Sitka Police
    Tisha Bagley, 41, was charged  Monday with driving under the influence and endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree.

Emergency Calls
    Sitka Fire Department dispatched six ambulances Monday.