LAST SQUALL – Skaters head to Swan Lake during a snow squall Saturday night --  the last day of skating before temperatures warmed up to above freezing. Birch Equipment Rentals donated the use of a high intensity light during the recent cold snap to aid evening skaters. (Sentinel Photo by James Poulson)

November 21, 2019, Letters to the Editor

Drivers Alerted

Dear Editor: It is that time of year again, and the rainy weather is definitely doing its part too, when vehicles are hard to see in the early morning and late afternoon hours. 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE turn your lights on. You may be able to see the road just fine, but you and your car cannot be seen. Do everyone a favor, especially children waiting for the school bus and oncoming cars, and put your headlights on. Thank you.

Jane Seesz, Sitka



Recall Fundraiser in Sitka

Dear Editor: The campaign to recall Gov. Michael J. Dunleavy got a $45,800 boost on Saturday when over 250 Sitkans joined the “Ring the Recall” fundraiser at Centennial Hall. This event was just one of several taking place in our region – a sign that Alaskans have not forgotten the governor’s destructive vision for our state.

The statewide recall campaign will take its next big step on Jan. 10 when oral arguments in its appeal are heard in Anchorage Superior Court. At that time, we believe the judicial system will give us the go-ahead to begin a second round of signature gathering and, soon after, a special election to remove the governor from office.

Anyone still wishing to donate to the recall effort may do so at More information about the local recall effort is available at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 738-9942.

Thank you, Sitka, for continuing to remember what Governor Dunleavy is counting on us to forget.

Beth Short-Rhoads and

Sue Litman, Sitka


Shee Atika Inc.

Dear Editor: Shee Atika Inc. is the local ANSCA urban corporation which has been in the news the past few years for their actions towards dissident shareholders and their dramatic loss of revenue. Recently, CEO Ken Cameron was found guilty (Order No. 19-71-S) of violating provisions of the State of Alaska’s Division of Banking and Securities “ANCSA Corporations Proxy Solicitations Act” for comments he made in the local Facebook group “Sitka Chatters.” 

In 2016 and 2017, independent candidates for the Shee Atika board made procedural errors which resulted in a Banking and Securities violation. In 2017, Shee Atika Inc. was also found guilty of a violation (Order No. 17-126-S). After the 2017 elections, the Shee Atika board changed the by-laws to prevent shareholders from being a valid candidate for election if they received a violation within the past seven (7) years. As a result, Larry Garrity, independent shareholder elected in 2017, will not be eligible to run for reelection in 2020. Yet, board members who were seated at the time Shee Atika received its 2017 violation have been exempt from the new bylaw and several have since been re-elected in 2018 and 2019. 

The Shee Atika board no longer holds informational meetings with shareholders – the last Sitka meeting was in May 2017. I find this inexcusable, especially considering the large number of original shareholders still residing in Sitka, many of whom are elders. The board has chosen to reduce face-to-face communication with its shareholders to a 2-hour annual meeting. I have to wonder how they can truthfully say they are representing the shareholders without meaningful communication.

Shareholders have seen a decline in revenue over the last 10 years which has affected their dividends and benefits. Shee Atika dividends have been cut in half, yet board fees have not been reduced in line with the cuts shareholders have taken. Investments and the sale of Cube Cove seem to be the main sources of revenue. 

Shee Aitka shareholders, if you are as concerned as I am about the management and sustainability of your corporation, I encourage you to speak out. Send your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or talk to our board members when you see them. 


Clarice Johnson, Sitka

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