April 21, 2014 Community Happenings

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Open House Set at
    UAS-Sitka Campus
    UAS-Sitka Campus invites high school students and their parents to the attend a Sitka Start open house at the Sitka Campus 5 to 7 p.m. April 24.
    Another event is planned May 8.
    “This will be an opportunity for students to see our newly remodeled campus, meet advisers and learn more about how Sitka Start works,” said Jeff Johnston, Sitka campus director.
    ‘‘Sitka Start arranges a cohort of Sitka students who continue to live at home, to take small face-to-face classes for the first year of college,’’ Johnston said. ‘‘By doing so they can avoid the risk of ‘failure to launch,’ which U.S. News estimates is a serious problem for as many as a third of college freshmen.’’
    The Sitka Start approach promises to build confidence through: award-winning math instruction and tutoring; outstanding science, humanities, art and English general education requirement courses; attentive and supportive guidance and coaching by the Sitka Campus’ involved faculty and Student Success Center advisers; the lower stress of low costs, fewer distractions and familiar surroundings; and the opportunity to study with local friends who are enrolled together.
    Call 747-7717 to learn more.

    Fish for Lunch
    Local fish will be offered for lunch at Keet Gooshi Heen, Blatchley Middle, Sitka High and Pacific High schools on  April 23.
    Contact the Sitka Conservation Society with comments or questions at 747-7509.

    Cleanup Slated
    For Earth Day
    Sitka Conservation Society members are being encouraged to join SCS staff and board for an Earth Day cleanup noon-2 p.m. April 22.
    The group will be picking up bear garbage caches at Berry Knoll near the golf course. Contact Mary Wood for more information, 747-7509.