GREEN LIGHT – Karen Lucas works in her Katlian Street garden this afternoon. Warm sunny weather this spring has been a boon for local gardeners. The Farmers' Almanac is predicting this summer will be warmer than normal, with the hottest period in early July. (Sentinel Photo by James Poulson)

December 11, 2015 Community Happenings


Letters to Santa

Letters posted here will be forwarded to Santa Claus at the North Pole. Letters may be dropped off at the Sentinel office or at Sitka True Value to be printed in the newspaper and placed here.


Dear Santa: For Christmas I would like a dog most of all. I would also like uneven bars with the design of a dog. I would also like a DS with a dog design with the game Zelda. I would also like a huge dog stuffed animal. I would also like a dog iPod case that comes with a locket with a design of a dog on the front. I would also like a stocking with the design of a dog. I would also like a dog poster. I would also like 5 erasable pens with a dog design. I would also like a iPad with a case of a dog design. I would also like a real pet snowman that dosent melt with a dog design. I would also like a coat with a dog design on it. I would also like a dog calendar. Merry Christmas, Santa. Scarlet Galanin, age 8


Dear Santa: 1. A real dog. 2. remote control robot, ipad, ds, ipod, iron man, tunnel, hamster, rockout guitar, Christmas hat, rocket ship, fire works. how are your rein deer doing? Elliott, Galanin, age 6


Dear Santa: I love cats. 1. For Chiristmas I want a shop with a inside and a office and a bathroom and a drive/walk throu and a bedroom. 2. a D.S with The Game Zelda.3. A Balance Beam with a Patttern of a Cat. 4. Another Cat (most of all). 5. A grave yard for pet’s that die. 6. A space in the house for 3 small silks. 7. 3 small silkes. 8. More pant’s. 9. A iPhone 5S. 10. A iPhone 5S  Harry Potter case. 11. A (real) Pet Snow man that dosent melt. 12. Chocolate frog from Harry Potter. 13. Harry Potter Book Mark. 17. A cat stocking. 18. Erasable pen. 19. Harry Potter Cook Book. 20 Harry Potter and the Beatle of Bard Book. 21. Z Bones A.M C.D. 22. A cat calendar. 23. A Harry Potter calendar. 24. 2 big suitcases. 25. 5 tickets to a trip to Hawaii. 27. Cat posters. 28. Dog posters. 29. Cat painting. 30. Dog painting. From Nova Galanin, age 9.




Dear Santa: The 3- and 4-year-olds at the Pacific Learning Center have asked us to pass their letters on to you:


Dear Santa: Present I like a bear, not the scary one, a strawberry bear.  I love my Santa today! I love my auntie every, she wakes me up from my nap.  Love, Nadalie


Dear Santa: I love you. I’ll see you and when we get the presents, I will go to the North Pole and see you someday. I want to have a unicorn that has a mote control that can make it fly!  Love, Rosie


Dear Santa: I wanna have a skate park and a motorcycle for Christmas, and a tiny bike for the tiny skate park.  Cyrus


Dear Santa: Happy to you Santa! Me love you. Me wanna have a doctor toy, and a bumble bee. Love, Brillian


Dear Santa: I want a big hot wheel track with a space lego ship. When Christmas starts, I’m going to leave you cookies and milk!  Landon


Dear Santa: I want puppies, and a horsie too, and legos.  Love, Lucca Bea


Dear Santa: Race cars, scubas, crash cars, choo choo trains, and a trumpet, and an elephant.  Love, Brody


Dear Santa: I wanna tree that I can have, so I can have it. I want a volley bally.  I want a Barbie, and a Barbie house with an elevator. I wanna lamp.  I want a decoration, so I can put it up! Love, Soleigah


Dear Santa: I want fragile glass touys, and fragile glass soft animals, and a fragile glass headband, a glass pencil, and a fragile glass barrette.  I will leave carrots, and cookies, and candy canes for you! I love mom and dad.  Love, Hannah


Dear Santa: I want a dolly, and colored pencils, and a ballerina dress.  Love, Essenam


Dear Santa: I want three dolls, and some doll pencil. I love you! Love, Claudia


BIHA to Meet

Baranof Island Housing Authority Board of Commissioners will meet 5 p.m. Dec. 15 at 245 Katlian Street. The public is invited to attend.


4-H Dinner, Family

Night on Monday

All 4-H families are invited to a Family Night Out and Holiday Party 4:30-6:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 14, at the Sitka Kitch at the Presbyterian Church.

The group will cook venison stew with the Sitka Native Education Program. Contact Mary for more information at 747-7509.


Items Sought for

1940s Gala Event

Plans for the Sitka Historical Society’s New Year’s Eve 1940s gala are well underway.

A silent auction of Alaskan, Sitkan, or vintage items will be a part of the evening. 

‘‘The theme of the auction is loosely whatever brings our lovely community or environment to mind,’’ organizers said.

Organizers are looking for items to include in the auction. To donate an item contact Jan Love at 747-5608. The proceeds will go toward the new museum now underway on the Centennial Hall site.


Unitarians Meet

At Sunday’s Unitarian Fellowship meeting, Rich McClear will give a presentation on Sir Ernest Shackleton, the polar explorer who led three British expeditions to Antarctica between 1901 and 1921. Shackleton has become a role model for leadership in extreme circumstances.

Fellowship begins at 10:30 a.m., with the program beginning at 10:45. Soup and bread follow at noon. The Fellowship Hall is located at 408 Marine Street, with parking behind off Spruce Street.


Youth Committee

Promotes Respect

The Sitka Youth Leadership Committee, a youth group dedicated to promoting respect in Sitka and across Alaska, announce the “I AM” campaign.

The social-media-based campaign focuses on promoting respect, celebrating diversity, and connecting youths across Alaska. It encourages young Alaskans to embrace their strengths and be proud of their unique qualities. 

“We believe that recognizing and celebrating our differences strengthens community, helps build a strong sense of self, and respect for others,” organizers said.

All are invited to take the challenge and help the group reach the goal of 500 posts, and 2,000 likes. To participate follow @SYLCLeaders on Twitter or Instagram, post a photo with a positive adjective, use the hashtag #respectchallenge, and nominate 10 friends. For more information go to http://bit.ly/1Ng9a0K or google “I AM CAMPAIGN SITKA.”


Story Time Set

The next preschool story time program at Kettleson Memorial Library will be 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 17.

‘‘Christmastime’’ by Alison Jay will be one of the readings. Songs and rhymes about the Christmas holidays and a craft project are part of the program. For more information call the library at 747-8708.


Holiday Movie

Set at Kettleson

Kettleson Library will feature ‘‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’’ (1965) 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 19. The 25-minute movie is rated TV-G. Everybody is welcome. For more information, call the library at 747-8708.


‘Snowman’ Movie

To Show at Library

‘‘The Snowman’’ by Raymond Briggs, an Academy Award Nominee Best Animated Short Film, will be featured at Kettleson Library 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 24. A craft activity will follow the 27-minute movie. Everybody is welcome.

For more information, call the library at 747-8708.





Alaska COVID-19
At a Glance

(updated 5-28-20)

By Sentinel Staff

The state Department of Health and Social Services has posted the following update on the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Alaska as of 10:55 a.m. Thursday.

New cases as of Wednesday: 13

Total statewide – 425

The state says the cumulative number of cases hospitalized is 46, and the cumulative number of deaths is 10.

To visit the Alaska DHSS Corona Response dashboard website click here.



Welcome to the Sitka Sentinel's web page. In order to make the Sentinel's news more easily available during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken down the paywall to access articles on this page. Just click on an article headline to read the story. 

March 23, 2020



For the duration of the COVID-19 disaster emergency declared by federal, state and local authorities, the Sentinel is taking additional measures to reduce virus exposure to its employees and contractors as well as to the public, while continuing to publish a daily news report for Sitka.

To the extent possible, Sentinel news and sales staff will be working from home. For the protection of our carriers, home delivery of the newspaper will be stopped effective Tuesday, March 24.

The Sentinel will continue to publish on its website sitkasentinel.com. Access to the website will be free to all users. The Sentinel will also produce a print edition Monday through Friday. It will be available to all readers without charge, at locations throughout town.

Initially, these locations are those where the Sentinel's newspaper vending machines are already in place. The coin mechanisms will be disabled or the doors removed to permit easy access. The Sentinel will work with the stores where the paper is usually sold, to designate a place inside or outside the store where the free edition can be made available.  

Home delivery subscriptions are on hold, and after the end of the disaster emergency, subscriptions will be extended at no charge for the number of days that there was no home delivery.

The Sentinel will make its print edition available to the public as early in the day as possible. with all personnel taking precautions to prevent spread of the virus.

The Sentinel is calling upon its customers to observe the COVID-19 emergency precautions already in place, particularly in maintaining a six-foot social distance from others at newspaper distribution sites.

Following is the statement issued by the Sentinel on March 16, stating the Sentinel's emergency procedures, which remain in effect.

The Sentinel office at 112 Barracks Street is closed to the public. We encourage people to use the phone, email or the U.S. Postal Service as much as possible.There is a slot in the front door of the office for ads, news items and payment checks. Emails may be sent to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the phone number is (907) 747-3219.                                                                          

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