Family Adopts Cat, Gets Bonus

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Created on Wednesday, 10 June 2020 16:12

Sentinel Staff

After adopting a toddler-friendly cat May 30, Evening Star Grutter woke up early the next morning to find the cat was giving birth on the bed where her two-year-old son Vinden was sleeping.

“Around five in the morning I heard the cat growling and thought, ‘Oh no, my son’s having a bad dream and the cat doesn’t like it,’” Grutter said.

“I put my hand over to say, ‘It’s OK, Mom’s right here.”

Grutter said her hand landed on the kittens.

“(Sally) the cat was on top of my son, on top of his legs, and the kittens were on his comforter.”

Grutter said Vinden slept through the whole thing, but was excited to discover five kittens when he woke up.

“He’s kind of figured out where baby animals come from – out of the tummies of their mom. He was excited there were little cats inside the cat,” she said.

(Photo provided)


Grutter told the Sentinel Monday that she’s confident the kittens, now a little over a week old, have homes waiting. 

“They’re going to have homes really easily,” she said.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is a concern for her, she added.

“Cats are really susceptible to getting COVID-19,” she said.  

Grutter said she’s being very careful around the kittens, and the soon-to-be owners will need to wash hands frequently and wear masks when around the kittens.

For now, she said, she’s planning to arrange for an outside kitten meet-up when the time is right.

“It’s really hard to keep everybody socially distant with kittens,” she said. “We’re going to take them out in the yard and let (prospective owners) play with them a little bit.”