Line Break Causes Brown Water

Sentinel Staff Writer
    A 12-inch water pipeline sprang a leak over the weekend, causing some  residents to find dirt in their tap water. 
    City environmental superintendent Mark Buggins said crews worked through the night Saturday to repair the damaged section of the pipe that runs water toward the Sawmill Cove Industrial Park.
    “We had our guys up there late Saturday night working to replace the line ... they didn’t get home until about 8 Sunday morning,” Buggins said.
    He said the leak may have been caused by blasting for the Sawmill Creek Road project that caused the pipe to shift.
    Scott Link, a project engineer with the road contractor, QAP, said the company is investigating, and would have no comment until the cause of the damage is discovered.
    QAP has been blasting rock along the inland side of Sawmill Creek Road between Whale Park and the Sawmill Cove Industrial Park. Blasting will continue until August.
    Buggins said QAP helped with the replacement and worked with the water department to repair the damaged line.
    A number of residents called the police and water departments reporting brown water coming from their taps. Buggins said the “cloud” passing through the system wasn’t harmful. He advises those whose water is still brown to run cold water until the color goes away.
    “We still see little bits of dirty water in places ’cause it’s kind of lingering in the system,” Buggins said. “Basically, what happened is there was a cloud passing through the water system and most of that should be run out by now. By now it should be pretty far gone.”

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