Young Bear Shot, Killed Near Granite Creek

Sentinel Staff Writer
    Alaska Wildlife Troopers are investigating the shooting of a young bear Tuesday night in the residential area across from and below the golf course on Granite Creek Road.

A young brown bear was shot Tuesday near Granite Creek Road. (Photo provided by ADF&G)

     Shortly after 5 p.m. police started receiving reports of a bear in the neighborhood. Officers were sent out to check several times, but the bear was always gone when they arrived.
    At 5:41 p.m. several residents called 911 to report that people in the area were shooting at a bear.
    When officers arrived, they found the bear dead about 50 yards into the woods and about 35 yards from where it was shot next to a home.
    Fish and Game Wildlife Biologist Phil Mooney said today that the bear was male, and appeared to be between three and four years old. He noted that the bear had gotten into the garbage in outdoor containers, and that it was a couple of days in advance of Friday’s weekly pickup in that neighborhood.
    “You’re not supposed to put any putrescible waste outside prior to pickup day, especially when you have a bear in the area,” Mooney said. “Preventative medicine is the best.”
    He noted that he first heard that bears were in that area about 10 days ago, but he had not received complaints.
    “We’ve had a couple bears hanging around that vicinity,” Mooney said. “There’s not a lot of natural food out there. They’ve been eating skunk cabbage, but given the choice of skunk cabbage or chicken ....”
    He said he was told that the person who shot the bear was called in by people from the Granite Creek neighborhood. Other information about the shooting was not available at press time today.
    Alaska law allows bears to be killed in defense of life or property, but the person who shot the bear must salvage the skull and hide, and surrender it to the state. Mooney said the man who shot the bear has been given a Defense of Life or Property form to fill out and turn in to Fish and Game.
    Mooney added that Fish and Game appreciates calls reporting bear sightings in order to track bear activity. His number is 747-5449.


# AlaskaEndtimeWarrior 2014-05-02 08:08
This was a young bear. I honestly believe the person who shot it was trigger happy. stupid fool.

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