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Ali Nicole Clayton


Ali Nicole Clayton

Ali Nicole Clayton, age 28, of Sitka, died on May 6, 2017.
    She was born Feb. 28, 1989, in Sitka to Paula and Steve Clayton.
    She was ornery, feisty and strong right from the start, arriving via C-section after 36 hours of labor. As her proud dad held her, the doctor announced she was perfect but her mom was going to need some care for a few days. Her father’s eyes grew to the size of silver dollars, thinking her new dad was going to have to take her home to care for her. Fortunately, the doctor knew better, and the pretty little bundle stayed with her mom.
    As a toddler Ali loved to spend time at her Grammy Alice and Biggie’s house. At the time they owned a big black kind of naughty Shar Pei named Jerry (Jer-Jer most often). Ali and Jer-Jer had many similar characteristics! When this dog took a drink of water the amount of slobber produced was incredible. A towel was placed near his water dish and if you heard him taking a drink you hollered, “Uh oh, Jer-Jer is taking a drink.” Ali was delighted to yell out “I’ll get him, Grammy,” and ran over to wipe his slobbery mug.
    Ali attended the Sitka School District. Vivacious from the start, she was sent to the principal’s office three times as a kindergartener, the first in an attempt to outwit the soggy recess weather. As she told her mom, “I just wanted to stay in the tent, Mama.” She left out the part about inviting a little gentleman friend.
    Ali was dynamic even as a little girl, participating in assorted activities including the Sitka Skippers, Girl Scouts and gymnastics. She was a scene narrator in the fifth grade Shakespeare production. When prompted by Mrs. Love with her next line, she confidently turned to the teacher and “shushed” her. Pretty sure there was a small conference after the performance.
    Ali was active in sports and was involved in swim club, volleyball, and softball. Her teammates loved to hear her tell stories and do her imitations of her coaches. Always tasteful, of course.
    Ali loved animals, including her family dogs. She got her first bunny, “Smudge,” at the age of 9. This affection grew, and soon she adopted three rescue bunnies from surrounding communities. Her friends loved that she’d spend $40 on bunny food (M&Ms included) and stop at McDonald’s for a Happy Meal for herself.
    Ali starting dating the love of her life, Jameszon Doggett, in high school. The two grew together and shared love, laughter and some darn good times. Jameszon became a part of the family and will always remain there.
    Ali graduated from Sitka High School in 2007. She attended Western Oregon University and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in business in 2011. She continued her higher education and earned her MBA through Washington State University in 2014 while she was employed at Harris Air.
    Ali had a number of jobs. When she was younger, she packed fish and did job site cleanup for her dad. In 2006, she began her 10-year employment with Harris Air. No challenge was too large for her – she completed ramp duties, fueled planes and cared for all the customers. She was a go-getter and let nothing stop her.
    After Harris Air, Ali took a job at the city in the finance department – she was a valued employee and was recruited by many. About the same time, her business innovation and creativity kicked in. She ran two very nice “vacation rentals,” supplying her clients with treats, autos and plenty of adventure ideas. Ali wrote, below, about herself on her vacation rental website:
    “My name is Ali Clayton and I was born and raised in Sitka, Alaska. I have over ten years in the tourism industry, which has led me to some great experiences and opportunities. I currently operate another short-term rental, The Kerr Cedar House - (715757), which was my late grandparents’ home, and enjoy the opportunity to not only meet new people, but connect with visitors so their experience is truly a one-of-a-kind. There is never a request that I won’t give my best, so don’t hesitate to reach out!
    I purchased The Hemlock House in May of 2016 and together my family and I remodeled the house to the cozy and comfortable home it is in now. My Dad is a general contractor, and has been building in Sitka for over 35 years. Without his amazing experience and talent, the house wouldn’t be the high quality product it is now. The home’s beautiful design and touches came from the help of my Mom, who although you would think is an interior designer, works at the school district. I even need to give credit to my younger brother who stepped in and helped; from pulling nails to hanging sheet rock. This project was definitely a fun experience with my family and I could not have done it without them.
    Ali Clayton purchased this house in 2016.”
    Ali was a true Sitkan; she cared for everyone, and was always there to lend a caring hand and assist wherever help was needed. Ali always cared for others, and was generous with her means and good hard work, anticipating nothing in return. Ali will be especially remembered for her no-BS life policy and she held those around her to a high standard. She wanted the best for her friends and believed in them always.
     She also loved to do “Sitka things” outside: boating, camping, hiking, and socializing with friends. “Al Gal” will always be remembered for her zest for life and little wrinkly-nosed smile.
    Immediate family survivors include her parents, Steve and Paula Clayton, and her younger brother, Luke Clayton.
    Ali loved her family hugely. Of the Clayton family, she is survived by her grandfather, Robert Clayton; aunt and uncle, Linda and Gary Dick; their daughters and son-in-law, Kristina and Jared Jakeman; and Lindsey Carson and her children, Madelyne, Garrison and Benjamin.
    Of the Kerr family, she is survived by Ron and Roxanne Bagwell; their daughters, Katherine and Kinsey Bagwell; Curtis and Cory Fulton, and their daughter, Eleanor Fulton.
    Ali was preceded in death, and adored by, her grandparents, Alice and Carl Kerr and Marlene Clayton.
    Services to celebrate the life and vitality of this beautiful young woman will be held at a date yet to be determined.
    “Thanks to the entire community of Sitka for the unbelievable outpouring of love, concern, companionship, and comfort during this extremely difficult time,” her family said. “Your love, help and support are immeasurable. Ali would want it that way!”

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