Lisa McGovern

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Lisa McGovern and the rest of the Brent’s Beach Gang. (Photo provided)


Lisa McGovern, a former Sitka  resident, passed away June 20 in Deming, Washington. She was 59.

Lisa was born in Oakland, California, Aug. 22, 1958. She lived there as a young girl then moved to Alamo, California, where she attended Monte Vista High School and graduated with honor, the honor of making many lifelong good friends.

After high school she worked in the area for awhile then for no good reason moved to Sitka, where her sister Kerry was working at Mt. Edgecumbe Hospital (now SEARHC).

While in Sitka she organized many activities, such as the ANB Harbor lemonade charity stand, in 1978, and another charity contest, “Win a Date On the Town, Out of Town,” with proceeds going to the White Elephant thrift store.

Lisa was one of the original Brent’s Beach Group, and did a stint with the rock group Riptide and the Clametts.

About that time she married Mike McGovern and moved to northern Washington, where she had the joy of her life, her son Gavin. She became a veterinarian technician, bred golden retrievers, and raised Gavin.

Lisa had the gift of making every person she met feel they were the most important person in the world. She was an accomplished high jumper, an incredible roof dancer and, her family said, “one of the most fun people to be around that you could ever hope to meet.”

“She will be missed by her family, her friends and innumerable legged creatures everywhere – oh, and a lot of hummingbird birds also,” they said.

“Lisa, eat a peach with Dwayne for us.”