ON THE SPOT – Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary School students Kenny Helem and Alina Lebahn answer geography questions this morning during the final round of the National Geography Geobee. Alina won the competition when she identified Panama as the location of the Darien National Park. As the Sitka winner she will take an on-line test in order to travel to Anchorage for the state competition. (Sentinel Photo by James Poulson)

Noel Gangle

Noel Quinn Gangle, 21, loving son, brother, uncle and friend, died unexpectedly Sunday, Dec. 2.
Noel was born Aug. 7, 1991, in Sitka. He graduated from Sitka High School in 2010, earning respect in the way he disciplined himself to achieve.  His intelligence was characterized by his willingness to explore any idea, to question and always wonder “why,” and to always see what could be.  He loved reading.  He loved ideas.
Noel’s love for Alaska showed in the work he chose and the way he played.  Working at a remote fish hatchery, deck handing on a fish buyer and working in a local fish processing plant, and spending free time taking pictures, camping, fishing, and hunting, Noel found peace in nature.
Noel was a gentle soul.  Infinitely respectful and unassuming, he was the kind of young man who was the first to stand up and offer another his seat, the one to clear the table, always there to lend a hand.
A diverse family that he appreciated and respected survives Noel. Whether it was in the tight knit community of Port Armstrong or aboard the Eyak filled with unrelated travelers, Noel fit in, found his niche, drew people to him, and found happiness in family.  His relationship with his extended family father Dave Newman defined his value for family with the frequent affirmation, “If not by blood then by heart Dad.” Noel knew the value of acceptance and love.
In laughter and love, Noel will be remembered by his mother, Teresa Richards, his sister Ashlie Newman and brother Gavan Gangle.  His grandmother is Bonnie Richards.
Noel’s memory will also cherished by his fathers Dave Newman and Maria, Gerald Gangle and his wife Kathleen; by his brother Tim Gangle, sisters Amber Swedeen and Greta Gangle and numerous nieces, nephews and friends.

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