LOW TIDE EXPLORATION – Chloe Stranzl, 12, looks at a molted crab shell during Sitka Sound Science Center's guided tide pool walk this morning. The center's outreach manager Sandy McClung, at left, led the informative walk along the shore near Sitka National Historical Park. On August 3 from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. the park will host biologists from SSSC and the public for a BioBlitz. Experts will guide members of the public to find, photograph, and identify intertidal life in the project funded by NPS. The observations will inform the park’s all-taxa inventory of species. (Sentinel Photo by James Poulson)

“Jack” Williams

     Services for Jacob “Jack” Williams, a lifelong Sitkan, will be at noon Monday at St. Michael’s Cathedral, followed by a luncheon at the church. Father Michael Boyd will officiate.
    Jack died Nov. 30 at his home of medical complications. He was 76.
    He was born Nov. 19, 1936, in Sitka, the son of Innocent Williams (Nax’eidu) and Elizabether (Khaa.it). He was Kaagwaantaan from the Kaagwagaani Hit (Burnt Timbers House) of the Sheet’ka Khwaan (Sitka People), and was its housemaster, having been given the housemaster’s name of Aaandeishi (Wolves Crying Around Town), in 2004.
    He was a child of the Koosk’eidi Clan (part of the Coho Clan). His father came from Xhaas Hit (Cow House, so named because a cowhide was hung across the doorway and a young man made the remark that it should just be called “Cow House,” and the name stuck). Innocent’s father was Vasily Deit-hoon (Deitxhoon) of the Chookaneidi, making him a  grandchild of the Chookaneidi.
    Innocent’s mother, Jack’s paternal grandmother, was Alexandra Pletnikov (Pletnikov later Anglicized to Carpenter), whose father Ambrosin was a survivor as a baby of the 1802 massacre at Old Sitka. Alexandra’s mother was Shaaxhaatk’i (Katherine).
    Nick’s mother, Elizabether, was the daughter of Jacob Kanagood (Kaanaagoot) and a woman known as Ghooch Tlaa; Jacob’s father was Goonaheik and his wife was known as Aanaasdu.oo. The father of Ghooch Tlaa was a Deisheetaan man from Basket Bay named Shaadaax’ whose wife was known as Ch’aak Tlaa.
    Jack loved his Tlingit culture, and didn’t hesitate to attend ceremonies when called up or needed.
    Jack attended Sitka schools, and in 1957 joined the U.S. Marines. After his honorable discharge he returned to Sitka, where he did construction work, and some long-shoring. He was an avid fisherman,  and was a familiar sight as he rode his bicycle around town.
    He was a member of St. Michael’s, where his church name was Jacov.
    Jack was preceded in death by his parents, his brothers Victor and Walter, and his sisters Mary, Nadja and Eugenie.
    He is survived by his brother Nick, of Sitka, and numerous nephews and nieces and good friends. He also is survived by an adopted niece, Martha Robertson, the daughter of his childhood friend, Ernie Robertson.
    Pallbearers will include Thomas Young III, Jeff Young, Mitchell Young, Lester Widmark, Chad Titell, Ben Johnson, Casey Johnson, Gary Bahrt, Bob Noyer and Dmitry Bahrt.
    The family expressed thanks to SEARHC-Mt. Edgecumbe Hospital and staff, Alaska Native Medical Center, escorts and caregivers and his many friends who traveled to help.

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