May 5, 2020, Letters to the Editor

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Created on Tuesday, 05 May 2020 15:53
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Face Mask Contest

Dear Editor: Thank you goes out to the Sitka media: The Daily Sitka Sentinel, KIFW and KCAW radio stations, and the Sitka Soup for helping making the community aware of the Greater Sitka Face Mask Design Contest. 

It is refreshing in these times with left and right, red and blue, and the divisiveness that is so rampant, that Sitka businesses that compete, can also cooperate. Thank you to the media and all those who participated. The intent was: to have some fun, share with others, and encourage the use of face masks.

 Jeff Budd, Sitka 



Diet and Lifestyle

Dear Editor: SARS-CoV-2 is what they call this virus. COVID-19 is the disease that it causes in a susceptible host.

It’s not the virus that determines the course of the disease. It’s the host.

Diet and lifestyle are driving COVID-19 severity!!!

One of the primary drivers for the coronavirus pandemic is that so many people do not have a healthy immune response when they are exposed to the virus. We can all improve the health of our immune systems through diet and lifestyle choices.

Health status is not always visible. There is growing evidence that vitamin D status may be a crucial determinant in the development of the disease. People with healthier vitamin D levels were nearly 20X more likely to exhibit only mild symptoms.

People with pre-existing heart conditions or diabetes are also far more likely to suffer a poor outcome due to COVID-19. Both of these conditions are largely a result of and reversible with diet and lifestyle habits. Blood sugar levels are a contributing factor to the development of COVID-19, and not just in diabetes. We should all avoid sugar to avoid COVID-19.

Don’t wait for a vaccine. A vaccine may offer protection from a virus, but it won’t improve overall immunity. It’s time for us to take care of ourselves as if our lives depended on it. Because they do.

Karen Zamzow, D.C., Sitka


Be of Brave Heart

Dear Editor: Brave Heart Volunteers would like to thank everyone who participated in “Be of Brave Heart Day” on Friday, May 1. Our desire to promote a communitywide message of hope and reconnection with others was met with such enthusiasm and unbridled support, we couldn’t have asked for more.

A huge thank you to all the businesses and organizations that posted the message on their reader boards, social media, in windows, and staff newsletters; we would especially like to thank those who corresponded with us about the event, including Sea Mart, AC Lakeside, Spenard Builders Supply, Venneberg Insurance, Sitka School District, First Baptist Church, and the Sitka Pioneers Home. We also appreciate the kind support of the Daily Sitka Sentinel and KCAW for their promotion of the event.

In addition, we want to thank those who spent part of their day at the roundabout to help share the message: Michele Friedman, Aleeta Bauder, Sherie Mayo, Gloria Pies, Sam Pointer, Shauna Thornton, Anna Roy, Karen Krupa (Henrietta Hippo), and Mindy Barry (Flora Flamingo).

Lastly, a sincere thank you to every citizen who celebrated the day with us by honking, waving, emailing, telephoning, writing letters, creating signs, or making other brave acts of connection with their neighbors. We appreciate your participation and hope all Sitkans will continue to “Yee gu.aa yáx x’wán” or “Be of Brave Heart” as we navigate these uncertain times together.

Angie DelMoral,

Brave Heart Volunteers