May 8, 2020, Letters to the Editor

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Created on Friday, 08 May 2020 16:26
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Dear Editor: It is Teacher Appreciation Week and I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the newly inducted members of the teaching profession - all the parents and families! 

Thank you to all the siblings who are tutoring the youngers and sitting in with the olders. 

Thank you to all the aunties and uncles who are finding new levels of expertise as they dust off the cobwebs of their education.

Thank you to the moms and dads who are becoming IT technicians and getting their children logged in to class meetings and special sessions. 

Thank you to the grandparents who may have more work/life flexibility to sit with their grandchildren and offer that loving care that supports learning.

Thank you to the neighbors and friends who are available for support groups and gripe sessions.

All of you are necessary. You have done an amazing job keeping your children motivated and engaged and I appreciate you.

Education in Sitka is richer for your support.

Phil Burdick,

Co-Assistant Superintendent,

Sitka School District