May 23, 2014 Letters to the Editor

Blatchley Staff
Dear Editor: As parents and grandparents of children who are students at Blatchley Middle School we were dismayed when Blatchley was recently and publicly referred to as a school with a ‘‘party culture.’’ Having interacted with Blatchley staff members regularly and over the course of several years we know the staff to be caring, dedicated and professional. To have the entire staff labeled by such a derogatory term because of the alleged conduct of a very few was inappropriate, unfair, and very untrue.
Stephanie and Eric Peterson,
Leslie Young, Brandi Fleming,
Sandra Fontaine, Anita Simic,
Jennifer Grant, Kathy Forrester,
Jeremy Peterson, Susan Snyder,
Cynthia Duncan, Susie Belisle,
Sherry Aitken, Linda Andersen,
Erin Oliphant, Laurie A. Serka,
Greg Knight

Sitka Visit
Dear Editor: We loved Sitka and we were so impressed with Alaska. It was wonderful how the town accommodated the cruise ship and ‘‘hats off’’ to the New Archangel Russian Dancers who were great.
Barrie and Carl Deschaine,
Farmington, Connecticu

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