READY TO HANG – Instructor Franco Zacha, a Brooklyn based artist/illustrator, looks over the work of Sitka Fine Arts Camp students putting the final touches on their gauche paintings this morning. Students will show their work at an opening in Yaw Art Center on the SJ campus Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Students pictured in foreground are Kai Thomas, 17, from Anchorage and Audrey Mack, 17, of Seattle, far right. (Sentinel Photo by James Poulson) 

Students Showcase Projects of 2 Weeks at Camp
12 Jul 2024 15:42

By SHANNON HAUGLAND Sentinel Staff Writer Sitka Fine Arts Camp’s high school session is winding  [ ... ]

Sitkans Invited to Taste Cups of World Coffees
12 Jul 2024 15:40

By ARIADNE WILL Sentinel Staff Writer For Andrew Kagerer, coffee can bring people together.   Th [ ... ]

Church Repair Story of Sand, Greywacke
12 Jul 2024 15:38

By GARLAND KENNEDY Sentinel Staff Writer     Stonework repairs at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church [ ... ]

July 12, 2024, Police Blotter
12 Jul 2024 14:27

Sitka police received the following calls by 8 a.m. today:
July 11
At 1:58 p.m. a caller reported a ci [ ... ]

July 12, 2024, Community Happenings
12 Jul 2024 14:27

Climate Connection: Climate Attribution
Attributing weather events to climate change has matured enor [ ... ]

Airport Manager Says Remodel on Schedule
11 Jul 2024 15:39

By ARIADNE WILL Sentinel Staff Writer In an update to the Assembly Tuesday night, airport manager  [ ... ]

Visiting Cellists to Play Mixed Music Concert
11 Jul 2024 15:38

By SHANNON HAUGLAND Sentinel Staff Writer The audience at Saturday’s International Cello Seminar [ ... ]

Softball All Stars Throw No-Hitter, Win Title
11 Jul 2024 15:37

By GARLAND KENNEDY Sentinel Sports Editor     Sitka’s Little League Majors All Stars softball  [ ... ]

Sitka Music Teachers’ Life To be Noted at Arts Cam...
11 Jul 2024 15:34

By Sentinel Staff The “life and legacy of Ginny Packer,” who taught music at Blatchley Middle S [ ... ]

Body Found Near Trailhead
11 Jul 2024 15:32

By Sentinel Staff A man’s body was found about 8 a.m. today in the Indian River subdivision near  [ ... ]

July 11, 2024, Police Blotter
11 Jul 2024 12:39

Police Blotter
Sitka police received the following calls by 8 a.m. today:
July 10
A dog reported runnin [ ... ]

July 11, 2024, Community Happenings
11 Jul 2024 12:38

Michelle Barker
Dies at Age 52
Michelle Loretta Barker, a longtime Sitka resident, died Sunday at her  [ ... ]

Assembly Assigns Tourism Positions
10 Jul 2024 16:18

By SHANNON HAUGLAND Sentinel Staff Writer Assembly members and city staff at Tuesday’s meeting t [ ... ]

Two Miles of Katlian Bay Road Now Open
10 Jul 2024 16:17

By GARLAND KENNEDY Sentinel Staff Writer     Five years after construction began on the northern [ ... ]

New Zoning Advances For Mobile Home Park
10 Jul 2024 16:00

By ARIADNE WILL Sentinel Staff Writer The Assembly Tuesday night unanimously passed an ordinance r [ ... ]

Coast Guard Logs Air Time
10 Jul 2024 12:54

A helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Sitka had a full evening in the air Tuesday, respondi [ ... ]

July 10, 2024, Community Happenings
10 Jul 2024 12:47

Salvation Army
Officers Installed
The Salvation Army Sitka Corps will hold its installation of officer [ ... ]

July 10, 2024, Police Blotter
10 Jul 2024 12:44

Police Blotter
Sitka police received the following calls by 8 a.m. today:
July 9
At 1:34 a.m. three men [ ... ]

Assembly to Consider Police, Harbor Grants
09 Jul 2024 15:09

By SHANNON HAUGLAND Sentinel Staff Writer The Assembly will consider two resolutions at tonight’ [ ... ]

Camp for Kids Teaches Sustainable Energy
09 Jul 2024 15:08

By GARLAND KENNEDY Sentinel Staff Writer     Renewable electricity generation and sustainable ho [ ... ]

Couple Finds Nuptial Assist in Sitka
09 Jul 2024 15:07

By ARIADNE WILL Sentinel Staff Writer After deciding to elope to Sitka from Carbondale, Illinois,  [ ... ]

July 9, 2024, Police Blotter
09 Jul 2024 13:30

Police Blotter
Sitka police received the following calls by 8 a.m. today:
July 8
A black Lab was report [ ... ]

July 9, 2024, Community Happenings
09 Jul 2024 13:29

Movie Trailer
Challenge Films
Shown Wednesday
Sitka Film Society and The Coliseum Theater will present  [ ... ]

Grants, ‘Visit Sitka’ On Assembly Agenda
08 Jul 2024 15:02

By SHANNON HAUGLAND Sentinel Staff Writer An update on the airport improvement project, a tourism  [ ... ]

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Daily Sitka Sentinel

Wolves Open Season with First Place Finishes


Sentinel Sports Editor

Sitka High runners took first place across the board Saturday at the first cross country meet of the season in Wrangell.

Both Sitka men’s and women’s teams placed first overall in competition against teams from large and small schools across Southeast, with many Sitka runners notching personal best times in the process.

Connor Hitchcock, Annan Weiland and Trey Demmert all broke the 17-minute threshold to sweep the top three spots in the mens 5 kilometer run. Hitchcock’s winning time was 16:42, with Weiland finishing in 16:52 and Demmert in 16:55.

On the women’s side, Sitka junior Clare Mullin clocked 18:56 in the 5 kilometer event, making her the fastest woman at the meet, over a minute ahead of Sitka’s Marina Dill, who took second at 20:09.

Things are looking good for the Wolves, coach Shasta Smith said.

“I couldn’t stop smiling; I was so proud of their effort,” Smith said at practice Monday. “And I feel like I tried to emphasize that we’re here to take care of business. We play and then we go to work, and that it was work time.”

Clare Mullin, already established as a star runner, ran with the men in order to benefit from the tighter competition. For team scoring purposes her time counted on the women’s side. Had she scored with the men, Mullin’s time would have put her in 11th place overall and behind four Sitka runners in the race.

“It was a really cool experience, actually,” said Mullin about running the race with men. “It was more stimulating, there’s just more to think about, like where I was supposed to be with everybody else.” 

With her longtime running partner Anna Prussian graduated, Mullin is the fastest woman in almost any competition, which can make pacing difficult. She was grateful to both her team and coaches for pushing her to perform better while retaining a positive team environment.

The varsity teams from Juneau-Douglas and Thunder Mountain weren’t at Saturday’s meet in Wrangell, meaning some of the best competition in Southeast was absent.

Earlier in the season, Mullin said her goal this year was to break the 19-minute mark, and she did it her very first race.

“It feels really great. Like, that’s something I’ve been shooting for since my freshman year,” the junior said.

While Mullin is a seasoned competitive runner, junior Bryce Calhoun is entirely new to the sport. He ran a 19:15 in his first-ever cross country race – a full two minutes faster than his previous personal record. He took 16th place out of 55 runners.

“I went in, I was a little bit nervous. And my goal was just to keep up the pace with Brett (Ross) and Theo (Everson) throughout the race,” Calhoun said. “I was right on their heels, and even though they beat me, I still PRed by 2 minutes.” His target for the year is 18 minutes.

Everson finished in 19:12 in 14th place, with Ross only a second behind him.

Trey Demmert, a junior, said he’s approaching this cross country season with a fresh mindset.

“I’m just going to run, I’m just going to do it. It was always like I was so worried; I was anxious about who was going to be in front of me,” he said as he laced up for a practice run, “but now, I’m just going to compete, do my thing.” That attitude delivered results; Demmert took third place at Wrangell in 16:55.

On Saturday, the Wolves will host a home meet at Sitka National Historical Park. The Grace Christian Grizzlies, an Anchorage team and one of the best in the state, are sending 48 runners to the competition.

“Sitka kind of has a reputation to be almost the best, besides Grace Christian,” Demmert said. “Every year we’re right there with them. And, you know, I don’t think this will be any different than the past few years.” 

The National Weather Service is forecasting rain through the week and on Saturday, but that doesn’t dampen Demmert’s mood.

“That’s what we live in; that’s where we train in and I mean, all of Alaska does, too, but definitely as a team we love it when it’s muddy, mucky, everything,” he said.

Mullin also is eager for the opportunity to compete with some of the best runners in the state.

“(Grace Christian is) usually one of our main competitors at state and we’ll just get a feel for what their team is like this year, kind of scope it out a little bit,” she said.

Saturday’s meet begins with the men’s race at 9 a.m. in front of the Sitka Sound Science Center. The course loops through the park. The women’s race commences at 9:45 a.m., and Sitka High will be raising funds at the event.

Financially, coach Smith said, the cross country team runs on a tight budget, and never received an anticipated $6,000 in the school budget last school year. The Wrangell trip alone cost the team about $5,000, she noted. The School Board plans to make up for some of the loss of sports funding in this year’s budget, but is waiting until after the annual audit.

Results of the weekend meet:

1 Connor Hitchcock 16:42.0 Sitka

2 Annan Weiland 16:53.3 Sitka

3 Trey Demmert 16:55.6 Sitka

4 Keegan Hansen 16:59.6 Wrangell

5 Boomchain Loucks 17:08.7 Wrangell

6 Aulis Nelson 17:34.5 Craig

7 Daniel Harrison 17:56.2 Wrangell

8 Calder Prussian 18:18.9 Sitka

9 Jacob Friske 18:19.2 Mt Edgecumbe

10 Alex Holmgrain 18:23.7 Petersburg

11 Elias Ward 19:08.2 Petersburg

12 Jackson Powers 19:09.0 Wrangell

13 Darien Alvarado 19:11.2 Thunder Mountain

14 Theo Everson 19:12.1 Sitka

15 Brett Ross 19:13.0 Sitka

16 Bryce Calhoun 19:15.4 Sitka

17 Ben Kandoll 19:36.7 Petersburg

18 Franz Fermoyle 19:39.0 Mt Edgecumbe

19 Jackson Carney 19:45.9 Wrangell

20 Joshua Bennett 19:52.9 Craig

21 Breven Jackson 19:58.8 Juneau

22 Calder Ratliff 20:06.3 Petersburg

23 Mael Piassale 20:26.9 Juneau

24 Tyler Ward 20:30.3 Petersburg

25 Atigun Pensley 20:37.5 Mt Edgecumbe

26. Angus Andrews 20:32.2 Juneau

27. Caden Morris 21:17.8 Juneau

28. Dashel Culbreth 21:23.2 Juneau

29. Casey Knapp 21:31.8 Thunder Mountain

30. Ricky Alander 21:32.0 Hydaburg

31. Gavin Sebastian 21:36.6 Juneau

32. Ben Sikes 21:39.9 Thunder Mountain

33. Merrick Hartman 21:48.1 Thunder Mountain

33. David Friday 22:03.9 Klawock

35. Rocco Lindsey 22:06.2 Metlakatla

36. Jeremy Newcomb 22:09.5 Craig

37. Cooper Powers 22:13.6 Wrangell

38. Trevyn Gillen 22:16.6 Wrangell

39. Carter Marsden 22:26.1 Metlakala

40. Ethan Bertagnoli 22:26.5 Petersburg

41. Bruno Malecha 22:27.0 Thunder Mountain

42. Rylan Armstrong 22:48.5 Mt Edgecumbe

43. Adrian Ducat 22:51.4 Petersburg

44. Ben Houser 24:09.4 Wrangell

45. 45 Waylon Jones 25:22.4 Petersburg

46.Aadyn Gillen 25:22.4 Wrangell

47 Zander Jones 25:26.2 Petersburg

48.Jason Skan-Allen 26:30.1 Klawoc

49.Diego Gomez 26:44.7 Juneau

50.Cruz Lindsey 26:59.2 Metlakatla

51.Tyrone Carlson 29:10.9 Hydaburg

52.Vincent Milligrock 29:31.5 Metlakatla

53.Raymond Fairbanks 29:34.8 Klawock

54.Thomas Rice 32:57.1 Thunder Mountain

55. Maika Olap 35.10.09 Hydaburg

56.Sylvester Williams 37:41.0 Craig

57. Kaylen Williams 44:05.3 Metlakatla

Liam Andrews DNS Craig

Daniel Juergens DNF Thunder Mountain

Everett Meisnner DNS Wrangell

Ian Nelson DNS Wrangell


Women’s Results

Clare Mullin 18:56.7 Sitka

1 Marina Dill 20:09.9 Sitka

2 Mariah Toth 21:55.3 Petersburg

3 Natalie Hall 22:02.1 Sitka

4 Alana Harrison 22:37.3 Wrangell

5 Kinley Lister 22:45.9 Petersburg

6 Aliyah Merculief 22:50.8 Sitka

7 Sydney Hood 23:23.9 Juneau

8 Jadelynn Kubik 23:25.3 Sitka

9 Bessie Williams 23:52.8 Mt Edgecumbe

10 Clara Fergurson 24:08.4 Juneau

11 Eva Meyer 24:30.4 Juneau

12 Gabriele Whitacre 24:36.9 Petersburg

13 Kalee Herman 24:51.4 Wrangell

14 Sasha Morrison 25:20.0 Juneau

15 Macy Alander 25:42.2 Hydaburg

16 Shaylen Montgomery 25:46.5 Thunder Mountain

17 Cedar Croteau 25:52.5 Thunder Mountain

18 Sarah Bahnke 25:52.5 Mt Edgecumbe

19 Acey Wall 25:53.5 Juneau

20 Ashlynn Smith 26:02.1 Craig

21 Marina Marley 26:35.2 Sitka

22 Randy Stichert 26:58.4 Thunder Mountain

23 Sarah Nanouk-Jones 27:07.9 Mt Edgecumbe

24 Breana Nelson 27:12.2 Mt Edgecumbe

25 Jullian Levy 27:45.9 Thunder Mountain

26 Madison Conatser 28:02.6 Craig

27 Talia Aparezuk-Schlosser 28:31.7 Juneau

28 Keira Sanderson 28:38.4 Klawock

29 Leilynn Swain 28:51 Sitka

30 Dorothy Germain 28:56.2 Thunder Mountain

31 Lumi Fermin 28:56.4 Thunder Mountain

32 Isabella Hoppe 29:47.6 Klawock

33 Adeline Anderson DNF Metlakatla

34. Mary Johnson 30:52.0 Juneau

35. Raegan Adams 31:40.7 Thunder Mountain

36. Alexis Gonzalez-Fawcett DNF Metlakatla

37. Bella Ritchie 33:43.9 Wrangell

38. Mackenzie Williams 33:47.9 Metlakatla

39. Nalaysia Raymond 34:14.4 Craig

40. Sara Steffen 34:24.9 Craig

Olivia Heath DNF Craig

Kate Thompson DNF Petersburg

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July 2004 

Homes for sale: Stunning view, 4 bdrms., 3 baths, master suite,hardwood-laminate floors, new appliances $369,000; Three-level family home, apt. 3 bdrms., 2 kitchens, 13/4 baths, $232,000.


July 1974

    Lee Salisbury, speech and theater arts professor at the University of Alaska, will be drama instructor for grades 7-12 at the Regional Fine Arts Camp. The camp is sponsored by the Southeast Alaska Regional Arts Council and is held on the Sheldon Jackson College campus. Jim Hope is camp director.


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