HATS OFF – Sitka High School graduates toss their mortarboards in the air after receiving their degrees Monday night in the Sitka High gym. This year 74 seniors graduated in a ceremony that included addresses by teacher Howard Wayne and class representative Nai’a Nelson, a performance by the symphonic band and a video of graduates. A car parade was held after the ceremony. (Sentinel Photo by James Poulson)

Himschoot's Bill Goes to Governor
21 May 2024 15:17

Sentinel Staff Writer
    Rep. Rebecca Himschoot hopes the bill she successfull [ ... ]

Awards, Diplomas for Pacific High Class of '24
21 May 2024 15:16

By Sentinel Staff
    Pacific High School Class of 2024 received diplomas, awards and lots of appl [ ... ]

Mullin Crushes Record at Regional Track Meet
21 May 2024 15:11

Sentinel Sports Editor
    Continuing their high-performing streak into the late [ ... ]

Dunleavy Checks Out Session's Energy Bills
21 May 2024 15:08

Alaska Beacon
    Energy bills passed by the Alaska Legislature will help the state [ ... ]

Bill Passed to Require Harbor Safety Ladders
21 May 2024 15:06

Alaska Beacon
    Harbors owned and operated by Alaska’s cities and boroughs will [ ... ]

May 21, 2024, Police Blotter
21 May 2024 14:07

Sitka police received the following calls by 8 a.m. today:
May 20
A case was opened after a man report [ ... ]

May 21, 2024, Community Happenings
21 May 2024 14:06

Forensic Training
Academy in Sitka
A public meeting to learn about the Alaska Comprehensive Forensic T [ ... ]

Assembly to Revisit Hiring of Attorney
20 May 2024 15:44

Sentinel Staff Writer
    Assembly members are weighing their next steps in hir [ ... ]

It's a Big Night for Sitka High Seniors
20 May 2024 15:41

Jamison Dunn, Felix Myers, Nai’a Nelson, Kylie Orlando, Benjamin Hedrick, Clarence Joaquin, Dani [ ... ]

Peltola Thanked for Aid to Projects
20 May 2024 15:37

Sentinel Staff Writer
    The leader of a Southeast commercial fishing organiza [ ... ]

Wolves Sweep Series, Secure State Softball Spot
20 May 2024 15:34

Sentinel Sports Editor
    Sitka High swept to victory in a three-game softball  [ ... ]

$92,000 in Grants Awarded By Sitka Charitable Trus...
20 May 2024 15:28

By Sentinel Staff
        Grants totaling $92,240 from the Sitka Alaska Permanent Charitable Tr [ ... ]

Bill Passed to End Use of PFA Pollutant
20 May 2024 15:25

Alaska Beacon
    For the second time in two years, the Alaska Legislature passed a [ ... ]

May 20, 2024, Community Happenings
20 May 2024 15:22

SJ Museum Posts List
Of Summer Native Artists The Sheldon Jackson Museum will host several artists t [ ... ]

May 20, 2024, Police Blotter
20 May 2024 14:38

Sitka police received the following calls by 8 a.m. today:
May 17
A traffic complaint was turned in at [ ... ]

Task Force Presents Report on Tourism
17 May 2024 15:56

Sentinel Staff Writer
    At a sparsely attended meeting Thursday, the Assembly [ ... ]

C.G. Presents Findings on Fatal Boat Accident
17 May 2024 15:55

Sentinel Staff Writer
    Well over 100 Sitkans attended a town hall-style prese [ ... ]

Short-Term Rental, Variance Approved
17 May 2024 15:52

Sentinel Staff Writer
    The Planning Commission passed two conditional use permit [ ... ]

City Loses Offer for Attorney Job
17 May 2024 15:50

Sentinel Staff Writer
    The single finalist in the Assembly’s search for a  [ ... ]

Driver Injured In SMC Road Traffic Accident
17 May 2024 15:49

By Sentinel Staff
    A driver was medevacked  early this morning following an accident in the 20 [ ... ]

Julie Hughes 40th Anniversary Triathlon Nears
17 May 2024 15:44

Sentinel Sports Editor
    Competitors will line up Saturday for the 40th annual [ ... ]

Lawmakers Expand Food Stamp Program
17 May 2024 14:35

Alaska Beacon
    More Alaskans will be able to access food stamps following law [ ... ]

Legislature Leaves Some Bills for 2025
17 May 2024 14:34

Alaska Beacon
    In the last days of their two-year session, Alaska lawmakers pass [ ... ]

May 17, 2024, Police Blotter
17 May 2024 13:23

Police Blotter
Sitka police received the following calls by 8 a.m. today:
May 16
At 12:41 a.m. a man wa [ ... ]

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Daily Sitka Sentinel

Robbery at Sitka Bar Ends With Two Arrests


Sentinel Staff Writer

A Sitka man and a 17-year-old juvenile have been arrested in connection with an alleged robbery involving the DJ’s tip jar at Ernie’s Old Time Saloon around midnight Saturday.

John B. Horner-Raffaele, 19, is being held on charges of robbery in the first degree and assault in the third degree, and the juvenile was detained and is to be taken into custody by juvenile authorities, police said today.

The criminal complaint filed by police gives this account of the theft and its aftermath.

Shortly before midnight Saturday patrons and staff at Ernie’s bar saw a man in dark clothes and wearing a ski mask and gloves come in through the back door, grab the DJ’s tip jar and run back out. One of the men in the bar tried to grab the jar back, but was unsuccessful. He and another patron began to chase the robber, who was joined by Horner-Raffaele who had been waiting outside. Followed closely by the two men from the bar, Horner-Raffaele and the other suspect ran up the walkway next to Ernie’s, across the Pioneer Home grounds, then toward American Street.

At the intersection of Race and American streets, the fleeing suspects stopped and one of them allegedly pointed a gun at one of the pursuers. The two bar patrons returned to Ernie’s. The bar manager called police at 12:01 a.m., and officers began a search for the suspects in the downtown area. Shortly later, the two were spotted as they walked east on Oja Street toward Baranof School.

Both took off running, but the officer apprehended the 17-year-old suspect, police said. The other continued running, police public information officer Serena Wild said today. 

At around 9:15 a.m. Sunday police posted a bulletin on social media seeking information on Horner-Raffaele’s whereabouts. A tip came in within an hour, advising police where to find him, and he was located near the Sitka Public Library. He ran off and was caught by police after a brief foot pursuit, Wild said.

Most of the stolen money, reportedly around $7, was recovered. Police served a search warrant on Sunday, searched the residence where the juvenile was living, and “found property taken from Ernie’s bar by the defendant,” police said.

“The property found ... was one unusable ripped piece of a $10 bill, one unusable ripped piece of a $20 and one usable 3/4 ripped one dollar bill,” police said. Ernie’s manager Pete Menendez told police the bar puts ripped or damaged money inside the tip jar in hopes other people will see it and add their money to the tip jar, the complaint said.

Bail was set at today’s arraignment at $110,000 for Horner-Raffaele. The robbery charge says he was “armed with a deadly weapon or represented by words or other conduct that he or another participant was so armed.” The assault charge says he “recklessly placed another person in fear of imminent serious physical injury by means of a dangerous instrument.”

An Ernie’s employee on the bar’s social media page Sunday afternoon thanked Sitka Police for the quick response time and prompt handling of the case. “Well done SPD!!” the employee said.



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May 2004

Dr. Arthur Cleveland, a former dean at Columbus State University in Georgia, was named the new president of Sheldon Jackson College, SJC officials announced today. He will be replacing C. Carlyle Haaland, who has held the position for four years.


May 1974

Coaching and managing the Little League teams this year are John Abbott and John Calhoun, ANB; Dale and DeWayne Vilandre, Alaska Federal; Walt Barker, Elks; Frank Simmons and Frank Vilandre, Lions; Leo Bacon, Pat Ness, Cliff Robards and Bob Edenso, Moose; and Everett Webb, Sportsmen. Head umpire is Carl Karpstein.


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